Justin Chadwell

hire@jedevc.com, +44795611165
Smethwick West Midlands UK
Computer Science Student working on awesome projects 🎉


Best modules:
  • [97%] Logic and Computation (1st year)
  • [99%] Programming in Java (1st year)
  • [95%] Mathematical Foundations (1st year)
  • [A*] Computer Science
  • [A*] Mathematics
  • [A] English Language
10 GCSEs, 9 A*s


An entirely open-source port forwarding helper to localhost using SSH tunnels.

I built it out of a frustration that none of the existing tools in the area were open source and had minimal client-side dependencies.

Timetable extractor and converter for University of Birmingham web timetables.

The default university timetable interface was complex to navigate, so I constructed a command line tool to extract it into a variety of formats.

Python wrapper for FUSE allowing creation of virtual filesystems.

A project I worked on to allow creating a variety of bizarre filesystems easily with a Pythonic API.


  1. Fixed various security-sensitive memory corruption and logic bugs in gstreamer elements.
  2. Improved testing and CI process by adding support for LLVM builds with the clang compiler.
  3. Added instrumentation to the build to allow for static analysis and fuzzing.
  1. Designed and created a new client-facing website from scratch.
  2. Designed for adaptive screen sizes, including mobile, and ensured an accessibility friendly layout.
  3. Setup Headless CMS and engineered CI/CD pipelines to facilitate automation.
  1. Wrote C and A64/A32 to add support for next-gen ARM security features in firmware.
  2. Improved build processes and tests for Trusted Firmware A in the OSS group.
  3. Presented to engineers in the Open Source Software Group about using the Undefined Behavior Sanitizer in firmware, an area I researched while interning.
  1. Promoted Context IS to students at the University of Birmingham.
  2. Attended conferences to represent the company, interacted with potential hires and shared job opportunities with graduates.


Scripting Advanced
Web Development Advanced
Systems Intermediate
Security Intermediate
Reverse Engineering
Event organization
Tech lead


  1. Helped plan and organize a hackathon of over 250 attendees.
  2. Built and deployed a number of web services to enhance attendee experience.
  3. Designed and ran a CTF, accessible to attendees of all ages and skill levels.
  1. Represented the university in CTFs, as 2nd highest ranked UK University team.
  2. Developed CTFs for UoB’s School of Computer Science and INRIA’s 2019 SILM summer school.
  3. Designed and created challenges spanning multiple areas within cybersecurity.
  4. Managed infrastructure hosted on Google Cloud Platform.
  1. Built up the CompSci community at UoB by encouraging participation in society events, and enhancing relations with societies at other Universities.
  2. Organized and ran a number of events, including hackathons, talks and workshops.
  3. Became a Google Student Developer Club Lead to include more workshops and talks.


CS Undergraduate Prize University of Birmingham Dec 2019
Achieved the highest combined weighted average in first year Computer Science.
EPS Event of the Year (shortlisted) University of Birmingham Jun 2019
WhatTheCTF 2019, a custom-built cybersecurity competition designed by students for students.
Academic Excellence Award KISC Jun 2018
Excellence and outstanding performance in studied subjects.
Leadership Award KISC Jun 2018
Contributions to the community, including volunteer trips to underprivileged villages.


A bit traditional, but I enjoy tinkering with a number of techy projects at home while I have a few spare moments.
Having grown up overseas, I love international travel whenever I can!
I’m always up for trying new food, and regularly try and find new places to eat out. I also really enjoy cooking at home for fun!