Justin Chadwell

Software Engineer working on awesome open-source projects 🎉


  • Supporting the open-source ecosystem by developing and maintaining popular open-source projects, Buildx and BuildKit.
  • Improving software supply chain security by integrating in-toto attestations and SBOMs into BuildKit.
  • Designed internal fuzzing and static analysis pipelines to automate bug hunting and increase visibility of security issues.
  • Maintained build systems, CI/CD infrastructure and developer tooling to enable developer productivity and communication across teams.
  • Investigated complex low-level video codec issues from production environments.
  • Assisted in hiring processes by reviewing homeworks and interviewing candidates.
  • Designed and developed a new Jamstack home site and blog from scratch.
  • Created a frontend as well as authentication, payment and mailing microservices for the Live Chemistry SaaS platform.
  • Wrote CI/CD pipelines utilizing Terraform and Docker to automate deployment.
  • Introduced support for next-gen ARM security features in open-source firmware.
  • Presented to engineers in the Open Source Software Group about using the Undefined Behavior Sanitizer in firmware, an area I researched while interning.


  • [97%] Advanced Networking
  • [96%] Algorithms and Complexity
  • [95%] Programming Languages
  • [94%] Security of Real-World Systems
  • [86%] Final Year Project
  • [A*] Computer Science
  • [A*] Mathematics
  • [A] English Language


Capture the Flag competition for Hack The Midlands 4.0 and 5.0.

I developed a CTF mini-event over both years, involving chatbots, DNS servers, hackable games, providing an introduction to computer security for attendees.

An entirely open-source port forwarding helper from localhost built using SSH tunnels.

I built it out of a frustration that none of the existing tools in the area were open source or had minimal client-side dependencies.



  • Helped plan and organize a hackathon of over 250 attendees.
  • Developed a custom virtual badge system to allow users to customize their badges using Lua.
  • Designed and ran a security-focused CTF, accessible to attendees of all ages and skill levels.
  • Represented the university in CTFs as a top 10 ranked UK team.
  • Developed WhatTheCTF competitions for UoB’s School of Computer Science and INRIA’s 2019 SILM summer school.
  • Managed infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform and Hetzner using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Built up the CompSci community at UoB by encouraging participation in society events, and enhancing relations with societies at other Universities.
  • Organized and ran a number of events, including hackathons, talks and workshops.
  • Re-designed the society’s website to engage students and provide a hub for important information and news.
  • Became a Google Student Developer Club Lead to include more workshops and talks.


Top Marks in BSc Computer Science University of Birmingham Jul 2021
I scored the highest total mark in my graduating cohort for BSc Computer Science in 2021.
CSS and AFNOM Member of the Year University of Birmingham Jul 2021
I was member of the year for both CSS and AFNOM, which I’ve been an active part of since my first year.
Great Achievement in EPS (shortlisted) University of Birmingham Jul 2021
I was recognized for my contributions to the EPS college for my volunteering work.


I enjoy tinkering with a number of technical projects at home whenever I have a few spare moments. I’m also attempting to branch into blogging more regularly, producing technical content and tutorials for both beginners and experienced developers.
I love playing games, from a variety of board and card games with a group of friends, all the way to single-player games on my computer at home (I do love a good roguelike).
I’m always up for trying new food, and regularly try and find new places to eat out wherever I am. I also really enjoy cooking at home for fun!